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The Road Less Travelled

Know the conflict within before you face the conflit without

Dudes! Welcome to my world, pull up a sitting space and relax. No need to talk or do, just be man, or if you want talk then go for it all opinions and views are good here. Think of this as a virtual camp fire, somewhere to kick back, cook good junk food and tell tales to old and new friends. And if you have to go back to the rush sometimes, well peaceful be your journey and come back soon.

This is the RP account for Autobot Beachcomber and the voice in his CPU HuntingOsprey in Autobotdress. Some of these entires will be Friends locked so if somthing suddenly makes no sense or appears out of nowhere that's why,locking will happen in acordance with the community rules if you want to see everything friend me but be warned for posible mature content.